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Our comprehensive wealth management process is focused on retirement and estate planning to help you achieve your personal and financial goals.

Eight Step Process:

  1. Initial complimentary meeting with review of appropriate data
  2. Prioritize your current/projected life situation, personal and financial goals and risk tolerance
  3. Provide unbiased, objective advice
  4. Discussion and consensus of your strategy
  5. Development of your customized financial plan
  6. Presentation, review and plan modification
  7. Plan implementation, including coordination with other professionals to create efficiencies (CPAs, attorneys, agents, etc.)
  8. Ongoing review and management of your customized portfolio

Client Meeting


Life Factors:

You are a critical part of our investment management strategy. We factor in your life situation and particular needs and objectives such as:

  • Age and health
  • Risk tolerance
  • Life circumstances
  • Monthly income needs/yield
  • Desire for growth/capital appreciation

Investment Management Risk
Tolerance Spectrum:

Once we understand your life factors, we discuss where you would be placed on our risk tolerance spectrum.  Many pre-retirement and retirement clients fall somewhere between the Income & Growth and Growth & Income areas.

Risk Tolerance Spectrum Dividend and Growth

Income (Dividend)

Our Dividend Strategy provides you with a reliable income stream to support consistent cash flow, despite market fluctuations. This typically involves investing in higher-quality dividend producing stocks which tend to perform well during market downturns. It also helps you to avoid making emotional changes during market volatility and selling at the wrong time.


Our Growth Strategy provides you with capital appreciation through high-quality stocks from companies with a sustainable competitive advantage for moderate portfolio growth. This typically involves investing in companies with low volatility and fluctuation. You gain more transparency than mutual funds as you are able to see the individual holdings.

Once we identify your risk tolerance, we then design a customized strategy to meet your needs. In many situations, this is a combination of both income and growth portfolios. Our goal is to deliver a sound investment strategy based on your personal and financial goals and an asset allocation that matches your risk tolerance focused on high quality companies. Throughout the year we continue to monitor, review and make adjustments, if necessary, to your portfolio.

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